Benefits of 3D Modeling and Rendering Services For Real Estate

Benefits of 3D Modeling and Rendering Services For Real Estate

3d modeling and rendering services
The architectural industry is now widely dominated by 3D modeling and rendering services. It is a game-changer solution for property visualization, marketing and advertising. Especially the real estate industry developers and marketers acknowledge the importance of 3D architecture in property visualization. It comes with tons of benefits for all the parties involved. In fact, the rendered images of the property benefit construction companies, estate developers, builders, dealers and clients alike. 

Today, 3D modeling and rendering services are extended to bring architectural projects to life before it goes into the construction phase. The high-quality and life-like images reduce the chance of error and save time on building architectural marvels. Let us explore the importance and benefits of 3D rendering services for real estate. 

What is 3D Architectural Rendering?

In recent years, architecture has come far from hand-drawn sketches and drawings. Instead, new and advanced 3D rendering technology and software are being employed to craft the interior and exterior of a building. Architects use AutoCAD, 3Ds Max Design, Lumion, and V-ray software to create realistic renders. Further, the rendered images are transformed into 3D architectural animations, real-time walkthroughs, motion graphics and 3D panoramic rendering. Interestingly, these 3D design and rendering services offer unmatched photorealistic views. Everything we could imagine is right before our eyes in a virtual reality environment. 

Therefore, the real-estate business is solely run on the 3D modeling and rendering services of architectural properties. It is the easiest and quickest way to sell hotel, mosque, residential, or commercial development projects. Basically, the renders convince clients to make quick purchase decisions. Moreover, they get to finalize the touch-ups for their dream property in real-time and begin with the construction. 

Meanwhile, you can explore 3D rendering technology and learn how it works.

Types of 3D Architectural Rendering

3D Interior Design Rendering

You know how they say, realism is achieved by focusing on intricate interior design details. For instance, a kitchen render is uplifted by adding sunlight, installing dim lights, texture and shadow effects. Altogether, the rendered models of the building present itself as a piece of art. On the top, 3D interior design rendering leaves room for experimentation while extracting the best picture of the interior design. These computer-generated renders offer buyers a realistic view of the interior, including sizes, dimensions, and depths. 

3D Exterior Design Rendering   

Likewise, the exterior of a building is displayed through 3D models and renders. Usually, real estate marketers use 3D exterior renders to convince clients to invest in their residential, commercial or industrial projects. It gives a clear image of the exterior details and finishing of the tall buildings. For instance, renders show off buildings with sky, roads, greenery and lighting in perspective. Today, most real estate companies use digital renders to attract potential buyers through social media marketing. It is considered the easiest means to globalize the market and win property sales. 

Benefits of 3D Modeling and Rendering Services

3D architecture is all about attractive visuals, realistic designs, eye-catching graphics and animations. The models and renders bring stakeholders, partners and investors on the same page. Moreover, the convincing displays help attract potential buyers from across the globe. It offers a first-hand experience to the viewers and allows them to sift through the architectural space. Instead of flat 2D images, the 3D models show precise dimensions, shape, color, style and intricate details. 

There's more to the picture; let us explore how 3D modeling and rendering services benefit the real estate industry.  

True Depiction of Architectural Projects

Today, investors wish to witness the final builds of their property before it comes to life. One way to do this is through crafting true images of the interior and exterior of buildings. For instance, the building parking lot, rooftop, floors and exterior display speak about the project. So there is no room for doubts or confusion when the 3D rendering technology helps viewers interact with the renders. Also, the 3D animated avatars, daylighting, flocks of birds in the sky, weather scenes, and burning fireplace adds life to the architectural projects. 

Altogether, 3D modeling and rendering services offer a true depiction of real-estate architectural projects. 

Convincing Display of the Property's Interior

Remember how interior designers helped with the design process post the final builds? It took days to read clients' minds and put together a living-room interior plan. However, now the process has become easier and more efficient. Architects and designers create multiple templates of interior space to present clients with a choice. 

The drafts allow the client to either mix and match the interior or choose their favorite design. For instance, convincing interior designs may be in the form of:

  1. Indoor furniture 
  2. Wall designs 
  3. Floor designs 
  4. Ceiling designs 
  5. Curtains and woodwork 
  6. Electrical appliances 
  7. Lighting
  8. Accessories and decor 

The Aesthetics and Art of the Projects

It is observed that people are more attracted to designs that are artistically rich and pleasing to the eye. A scenic view of the property by the seaside has more chances to grab the attention of the viewers. Therefore, architects today focus more on aesthetics and art. In fact, studies have proved that the 3D renders displaying weather scenes have proved to have a positive effect on the viewers. 

For instance, 3D animations of the exterior of buildings may be presented in rainy weather or sunny morning view. To be precise, here are some of the most prominent aesthetics of architecture:

  1. Indoor and outdoor plants 
  2. Paints and other wall hangings 
  3. Curtains and drapes 
  4. Music played in the background 
  5. Footsteps noise 
  6. Weather scenes 
  7. Burning fireplace
  8. Soothing lights 
  9. Fruits or vegetables in sight 
  10. Fish tank 
  11. Television broadcasting 
  12. Mood lighting
Overall, 3D modeling and rendering services help real estate developers, and marketers put their best foot forward. In addition, the eye-catching displays of the aesthetics of architecture sell itself. 

Immersive and Interactive Architectural Walkthroughs 

What are 3D architectural walkthroughs? Interactive architectural walkthroughs are the finest picture of 3D modeling and rendering services. Architects use the unreal engine to create architectural walkthroughs of the property's interior and exterior. It allows viewers to walk around in a virtual space. 

Here, the viewers explore the property in a walk mode. Walking from room to room and floor to floor, the viewer interacts with the furniture, decoratives, lights and more. For instance, the user can change curtain colors, floor tiles, lighting, or wall colors just by clicking a button. It offers clients a sense of freedom as if they are designing their own dream house.

Basically, the 3D architectural industry benefits the real estate industry by:

  1. Allows modifications and changes in real-time
  2. Offers clients an immersive experience of virtual reality
  3. Viewers independently explore the interior and exterior design 
  4. Helps investors make purchasing decisions on the go
  5. Virtual tours are accessible to overseas investors and stakeholders
  6. Convinces investors for purchase way before final builds
  7. Used widely for social media marketing purposes 
Also, check out what is a virtual tour and how it is benefitting the real estate industry. 

Final Thoughts 

3D rendering and visualization have surely transformed the face of the real estate industry. The impactful display of the architectural interior and exterior truly communicate the property's design, dimension, depth, and beauty. If you are a real estate dealer wanting to create a buzz in the architectural industry, 3D rendering is the key. Step up your game today and put a step ahead of your competitors. 

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