Month: <span>February 2023</span>

Photorealistic rendering techniques

Photorealistic Rendering Techniques and How it Works

Architectural visualization is now dominated by photorealistic rending. It is formally being used in advertising property to inspire viewers. The more realistic and appealing a render is, the more quickly it convinces clients’ buying behaviour. For instance, realtors now use photorealistic renders to create a complete property walkthrough, communicating each interior and exterior detail about […]
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Current Trends in Architectural Design

What are the Current Trends in Architectural Design

Modern architecture is the epitome of art and luxury. New trends are on the rise when it comes to designing residential, commercial or other facets of lifestyle. Mainly, current trends in architectural design reflect sustainability, environmental stability and social understanding. Considering the current climate change crisis, environmentalists suggest designing sustainable architectural designs. For that matter, […]
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