3D architectural visualization has embarked on a new level of evolution with the advancement of design and architecture. ArchXStudio brings an integrated way to present the interior and exterior design of buildings. Our platform has opened opportunities for companies to witness their 3D models and designs come to life. Being one of the top visualization companies, we realistically display how the buildings stand once constructed. We extend our valuable services to real estate companies, architectural firms, and design companies for marketing, client presentation, or architectural plans or permits.

Photorealistic 3D Architectural Visualization

A wide range of 3D architectural visualization services enables you to review your complete projects with color, texture, environmental context, and life. The real beauty of your project is displayed in a conceptualized or real-life setting. Additionally, our 3D architectural visualization company creates photorealistic visuals of your design before construction begins. The exact objectives and expectations of your project are picked and worked upon to deliver complete satisfaction. Hence, design concepts and stunning visuals for real estate are powerfully displayed through 3D visualization services

3D Visualizations in Architectural Design

3D visualizations have elevated the development of architectural designs. Architectural visualizations software aids in the construction and crafting of designs that depict the true image of a property. It is indeed the most effective approach to communicate ideas among clientele. Also, the visualization process does not require equipment or tools; rather, it is very simple compared to traditional methods. With 3D architectural software, architectural designs and models are crafted on a diverse canvas showcasing initial drawings. These initial drawings are later transformed into architectural floor plans or walkthroughs.

3D Interior and Exterior Visualization

Architectural visualization focuses on the interior and exterior design of the property. Our expert architects use 3D visualization softwares to create exteriors of the buildings along with features complimenting the building, such as fences, greenery, porches, water bodies, and vegetation. Likewise, highly impressive marketing collaterals are displayed through the property’s interior, such as its beauty, aesthetics, and vantage. With these designs, real estate developers can present one room at a time with all the details in place or display a room with reference to the hallway, lobby, doorways, or other amenities.


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Modern Interior

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Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Arch X studio is a multifaceted 3D Rendering and animation studio. Which create highly realistic architectural renders and animation, 3Danimations, Character Animation, product renders and just about everything in between
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Badshahi Mosque

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Modern House Exterior

fasial mosq
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Faisal Mosque

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