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virtual tour

What is a Virtual Tour and How it is Benefiting to Real Estate

Real estate marketers now use virtual tours to showcase built and unbuilt properties. Unlike plain property models or still images, a virtual tour is highly interactive and viewer-friendly. In fact, the architectural industry now adopts these new methods such as architectural walkthroughs, 3D panoramic rendering, or virtual tours of the properties to attract real estate […]
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virtual reality in real estate

How Virtual Reality is Transforming the Real Estate Industry?

Whether in real estate development or architecture, innovative technology is constantly replacing old methods of property visualization. Although now, we effectively communicate residential and commercial properties through advanced virtual and augmented reality. You heard right! Virtual reality is entirely transforming the real estate industry. In fact, it has brought enormous changes in the real estate […]
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Architectural Design and Visualization

3D Architectural Design and Visualization Projects by ArchXStudio

Visualizing a property before construction is the smart business approach for most real estate developers, construction companies, and builders. ArchXStudio proudly presents a list of top architectural design and visualization projects successfully delivered within 2021. The entire picture of the property communicates the idea and vision dreamt by the clients. “Design is where science and […]
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motion graphics in digital media marketing

How Motion Graphics Animation is Helpful in Digital Media Marketing?

In 2022, visual content will speak volumes. Be it social media, promo videos, or TVCs, it is the graphical representation of visuals that makes the eyes turn. Surprisingly, people are no more attracted to voices or bland images. Considering the short attention span, humans easily focus on visually appealing content. Therefore, your marketing campaign is […]
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photorealistic rendering

Showcase Your Property using Photorealistic Rendering Architecture

Realtors, constructors and property developers understand the importance of the presentation of buildings. How your property convinces the buyers into making investments is what counts. Therefore, considering the need of the hour, photorealistic rendering architecture comes into practice for exterior-interior design, marketing and product design. These picturesque designs are crafted in less time with maximum […]
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