What is a Virtual Tour and How it is Benefiting to Real Estate

What is a Virtual Tour and How it is Benefiting to Real Estate

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Real estate marketers now use virtual tours to showcase built and unbuilt properties. Unlike plain property models or still images, a virtual tour is highly interactive and viewer-friendly. In fact, the architectural industry now adopts these new methods such as architectural walkthroughs, 3D panoramic rendering, or virtual tours of the properties to attract real estate buyers. But the virtual tour tops them all! 

We cannot blame the shift as digital technology has grown over the years and benefited businesses worldwide. The 3D animation techniques and architectural rendering software now make it easier to visualize dream projects before your eyes. 

Also, we notice that real estate developers take to social media platforms to market their properties to a global audience. Here, the use of virtual architecture tours aid with easy sharing of content among interested buyers and investors. However, before rushing further into the discussion, let us first explore what a virtual tour is. 

What is a Virtual Tour?

A virtual tour is the 3D or 360 views of any property unbuilt or under construction. These tours are accessible to remote viewers who wish to invest in the property or make quick purchases. Precisely, the visual tours of the property's interior or exterior appear on a desktop, tablet, VR, or mobile screens. It allows viewers to experience the virtual space as if they are actually roaming around the corridors, climbing the stairs, or observing the living room view.


Nowadays, virtual tours are becoming the norm in commercial real estate, hospitality, residential, and retail industries.  The virtual tours run along many areas, however, three prominent areas are:
  1. 3D virtual tours of build properties 
  2. 360 virtual tours of unbuilt or under construction property developments 
  3. Hybrid virtual tours of built and unbuilt properties. 
Customer satisfaction is the basis of real estate marketing. Therefore, estate developers and investors create elaborate, eye-catching virtual tours of the properties. It helps attract the right clientele and expands the chances for global representation. Also, check how virtual reality is transforming the real estate industry. 

Before going further, let us discover how virtual tours benefit real estate. 

Benefits of Virtual Tours 

The real estate business conversion rate has flourished with the recent practice of virtual tours of properties. For real estate development agencies, virtual tours have replaced the old methods of property marketing. As per facts, 86% of the potential clients search for a property over the internet. Thus, we use digital marketing strategies to make the online real estate market approachable to a global audience. The success of your business depends on the interactive and engaging property advertisement of all your projects. 

So, virtual property tours help interested buyers to experience an immersive virtual environment. Clientele can quickly sift through the space on their own. This satisfies the customers and ensures quick sales for your real estate projects. Here’s how virtual tours benefit us with property marketing and sales. 

Interactive Interior and Exterior Display

A virtual tour helps create an interactive display of the interior and exterior of the property. Viewers easily sift through the space, exploring the interior decor, flooring, walls, and furnishings. Likewise, the client individually examines the property's exterior with greenery, sky, and all the weather details. 

On the top, the three-dimensional display of the property gives off a real-life impression as if the person is actually there. The advanced tech and tools also enable individuals to interact with the virtual environment, such as switching on/off lights, changing curtains, floors, wall colors, and changing entire furnishings. Without a doubt, virtual technology has helped the real estate industry win quick sales across the globe. So, if you wish to engage audiences in the property then a virtual architecture tour is the best way to go about it. 

Effortless and Time-saving Approach

It is now declared that virtual tours are the most efficient, effortless and time-saving approach in the architecture industry. Instead of explaining the architectural models of buildings to your clientele, a virtual tour helps display the entire futuristic image of the property. Render as the whole is prepared with architectural visualization software while changes occur on the go. It is an effortless activity on the part of architects and designers. Moreover, the virtual tours take much less time, such as 24 hours. 

Likewise, it helps save the precious time of your clientele. For instance, investors abroad can make early purchase decisions when the virtual tour attends to all their possible queries. There is no need to visit the site or wait for the constructors to begin with the gray structure. On the whole, a virtual tour helps real estate industrialists with:

  1. Easy to craft virtual tours of the properties 
  2. Saves one from clients insisting on visiting the site 
  3. No waiting on construction companies to take up the project 
  4. No need to create 2D models of buildings 
  5. Helps focus on other important aspects of business 
  6. Material sources not required 

Attracts a Global Clientele 

Any property advertised over the internet would definitely catch the eyes of potential investors. But with a global representation of the property on sale, international buyers are more likely to be attracted. They get to experience the virtual property as if they are actually there.  
With virtual tours, global investors and buyers can make an informed decision in no time. Over the years, most real estate developers have won a multiplied number of clientele for their architectural projects. It is the precision and details of this immersive virtual experience that wins big bucks. Virtual tours help real estate:

  1. Score large investments from abroad 
  2. Secures interests of construction companies worldwide 
  3. Get potential buyers to make quick purchases 
  4. Helps secure increased global website traffic
  5. Wins satisfaction of clients residing overseas 
Digital marketing aims to take us beyond borders. Fortunately, virtual architecture tours speak at length about a project. Be it a hotel, shopping center, mosque, restaurant, residential property, or a commercial plaza, virtual tours help sell properties faster. 

Promotes Built and Unbuilt Properties 

Real estate developers often find themselves in situations where the properties are hard to sell. Sometimes it is land that is for sale or a property under construction. In such instances, virtual tours of the projects help convey the property more beautifully and intelligibly. Also, sharing the project online with a global audience ensures the properties reach their target audience. Once it catches their interest, it secures swift sales. 
Nowadays, social media platforms help best to promote the architectural project way before the construction processes begin. That is how real estate developers have investors on board before the project stands tall. The more we market real estate projects online, the more business it brings back home. 

In Conclusion 

Virtual tours engage audiences in a realistic 3D experience. Real estate developers now turn to 3D visualization, real-time architectural walkthroughs, and virtual tours of the properties. However, the virtual tour interactive feature wins at convincing clients to make investments and quick purchases.It is a safe and smart move to market the property online and live before a global clientele. 

ArchXStudio extends its virtual tour services to real estate developers, builders, and estate marketing management companies. If you wish to envision a property from scratch to final furnishing details, then our 3D architectural visualization company is the right choice for you. 

Get in touch and watch us create a virtual tour of your next big project!

Author | Mubashrah Rahim

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