What is 3D Architectural Walkthrough and How it Works?

What is 3D Architectural Walkthrough and How it Works?

What is 3D Architectural Walkthrough?
The architectural industry is constantly transforming the way how properties are visualized, marketed and sold. It is incredible how 3D architectural visualization has become such a powerful tool for real estate, residential and commercial businesses. Today, the 3D architectural walkthrough video is one such technology that helps present a property's interior. Also, presents exterior design more realistically and comprehensively to attract potential buyers from around the world. In no time, you see that your property is the talk of the town. It encourages people to make quick purchase decisions no matter where they are in the world.

Wondering what is a 3D architectural walkthrough and how it works so well for businesses nowadays?

Let us take you through a ride on how you can present your property's 360degree view - to anyone from anywhere around the world. Generally, your potential buyers can view the entire property and interact with the interior and exterior of the building as if they were actually moving about the space. Isn't it what we expect from future technology? Well, brace yourself and let us introduce you to the 3D architectural walkthrough.

What is 3D Architectural Walkthrough?

An interactive 3D virtual tour of the property's interior and exterior is called a 3D architectural walkthrough. Architects and designers now create realistic renders of the property. They transform the property into a 360-degree view with guided buttons to allow viewers to navigate through the space. It helps you interact with the property's floor, walls, interior decor, paints or other interiors, or exterior details. By all means, a 3D architectural walkthrough offers an immersive experience to the viewers. Altogether, it gives them a sense of control over customizing the design as per their liking. So click your way around the property and experience each hook and corner tip-toeing through bedrooms to the garage. 

"There are 360 degrees, so why stick to one?" - Zaha Hadid

For instance, a virtual walkthrough allows you to move about the bedrooms, kitchen, basement and garage and easily make changes. A walkthrough is a virtual tour where you start from one end of the building and explore all parts of the space. Therefore, real estate marketers and investors now use animated walkthrough videos to present the property in the best way possible. It gives potential buyers the hold to transform the space as if their dreams are coming to reality.

Importance of 3D Architectural Walkthrough For Businesses Worldwide

Remember how we used to visit museums virtually from the comfort of our homes? Picking the same idea and reforming it, architects and designers now create photorealistic architectural designs for the interior and exterior of any property. Be it a mosque, apartment, farmhouse, hotel, housing society or shopping mall, the 3D architectural walkthroughs of the building speak at length about the property under construction. 

Previously, real estate marketers used 2D images and models of the property to convince potential buyers to make investments. However, as boring as it sounds, the 2D models did not communicate the entire look and feel of the property. For this reason, real estate developers, investors and marketers now display an accurate and explicit depiction of the property to engage viewers in a real-time outlook of their dream house. It not only hooks the viewers to the property but encourages their quick purchase behaviour, even though the property is yet to be built.

Here's how a 3D architectural walkthrough elevates the face of residential, commercial and real estate properties.

Residential Housing Property Visualization

If you are a property owner and wish to build your dream house, then 3D architectural visualization is the right choice for you. Most property owners now prefer visualizing their houses before beginning the construction process. This is to save oneself from any surprises during the construction phase; And to have a clear picture of your dream house to follow through the interior and exterior building process. In fact, the walkthroughs enable property owners to move about the space, interact with the interior; Or discard anything that does not go well with the overall architecture of the house. So basically, the architectural walkthrough allows easy modification and quick rendering throughout. 

So basically, residential property walkthrough significantly encompasses farmhouses, apartment buildings, housing societies, 3Marla houses, 1canal house, or flats.

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Real Estate Development and Marketing

When it comes to real estate development and marketing of the property, real estate developers look for effective strategies to market their business to the world. In order to attract overseas investors to purchase the property, marketers adopt best practices to showcase the architectural interior and exterior of the property. Fortunately, the 3D architectural walkthrough helps overseas investors engage in the property as if they are experiencing it in real. 

Interactive Features:  

On the top, the walkthrough allows viewers to seamlessly interact with the architecture using a VR device. Like, for instance, they get to switch on the lights and view property in night mode or day mode. Also, change the flooring, change curtains, change wall colours, and play with the interior design. On the top, it allows you to switch on the TV or play music in the background. Interestingly, the walkthrough enables users to switch to the walk mode. They walk around with footsteps just as they would visit the property in real. Isn't it too good to be true?

Hidden Benefits:

This approach is widespread as it is cost-effective and allows easy changes and modifications through the architectural visualization process. Real estate developers now use a 3D walkthrough video to enable their clients to experience an unreal representation of their properties before the construction begins. As a result, it not only convinces their buying behaviour but, in the meantime, allows them to follow the property visualization throughout the construction process. 

Property Marketing:

Nowadays, most real estate developers use social media platforms to altogether display 3D unreal architectural walkthrough videos. It is by far considered the easiest way to reach potential buyers as people frequently check their social media. Moreover, the interactive display urges the clients to quickly investigate the property while they make a purchase first-hand. 

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Commercial Property Development and Marketing

Today, commercial real estate developers and marketers wholeheartedly invest in the 3D architectural visualization of the property. They know what is working in the market and how they can earn the loyalties of their target audience. In other words, commercial property marketing is equally important for the property owners to sell their land before the construction process has begun. Basically, the architects craft unique renders of the commercial property's exterior and interior to encourage investors to make quick purchase decisions. 

Types of Commercial Properties:

Commercial property mainly covers luxurious shopping malls, retail stores, corporate offices, medical centres, sports facilities, salons, restaurants, cafes, hotels, factories, parks, stores or warehouses. 

Hidden Benefits:

Architectural walkthrough videos display the entire image of the shopping mall with shops, a play area, food courts, grocery stores and cinema halls in its entirety. In general, the walkthrough presents a real-life display for the clients to experience the end result of their commercial projects. Undoubtedly, it benefits all parties involved, from real estate developers to investors and marketers. By all means, the walkthrough delivers the most accurate depiction of 360-degree physical space with dimensions, depth and height. 

In Conclusion 

Today, we use a 3D architectural walkthrough in the unreal engine in order to sell properties quickly and effectively. It not only displays all the major and minute details of the interior; but also presents the exterior details and surroundings of the property in the best way possible. If you are looking for expert 3D architectural walkthrough services for your next project, then ArchXStudio is the right choice for you. 

We help you envision, successfully market and construct an entire property from scratch to a picturesque reality. So let us work together and create architectural marvels around the world. Also, consider why ArchXStudio is the right choice for 3D architectural rendering.

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