What is the Purpose of 3D Walkthrough Animation?

What is the Purpose of 3D Walkthrough Animation?

3D Walkthrough Animation
The real estate industry today greatly focuses on the pre-visualization of any property. Visualization is the art of crafting a photorealistic layout of a building, be it a house, hotel, commercial plaza or housing society. Mainly, 3D architectural visualization helps realtors envision their residential or commercial projects before construction begins. It communicates architectural plans and designs with multiple aspects of a property's interior and exterior. Nowadays, architects, designers and realtors use 3D animation technology to communicate architectural designs and details in motion graphics. It involves visual storytelling in the form of a video. Be it interior or exterior visualization, 3D walkthrough animation allows viewers to experience a property virtually.

Thanks to the technological era that enabled real estate architecture to flourish. It helps bring ideas to life before it is built. Not only does 3D animation gives you a complete tour of the property’s interior space, but it also covers the background, surrounding and other life-like exterior details. Like, for instance, with 3D flythrough animation, you can witness a landscape view of the property from a bird’s eye view.

Are you still wondering how 3D animation creates an immersive experience for the viewers? Here’s all you need to know about the importance of 3D walkthrough animation and visualization. 

What is 3D Walkthrough Animation?

3D walkthrough animation is the process of crafting a virtual tour video of the building’s interior or exterior using rendered images. The visual representation helps viewers journey through the property interacting with its features. Realtors today rely on 3D walkthrough and animation to picture a real estate residential or commercial property. From interior to exterior details, 3D walkthrough animation displays designs at their best. Basically, a walkthrough is an immersive experience that takes viewers on a tour of the property while allowing them to interact with the design, layout, furnishings, lighting and more. Also, by switching on the walk mode, viewers sift through the space from room to lobby or halls as if they are actually there. 

In addition, realtors now use 3D animations for quick property marketing, which the clients can access from anywhere in the world. Mostly these animated videos are put all over social media channels, TVC or online ads to gain the attention of interested buyers. A complete tour of the space allows them to make an informed decision about their property investments or purchase. If you are still caught up on the purpose of 3D architectural visualization or animation, then focus on the guide below. 

Purpose of 3D Walkthrough Animation and Visualization

Primarily, an architectural walkthrough is used to envision a descriptive view of any property. Be it a house, hotel building, mosque, landscape or shopping mall, 3D walkthrough animation communicates the complete picture. These drafts are used to discuss the design layouts with the clients. Here, the viewers can comment on the details and make changes on the go. For instance, your client does not like kitchen tiles and flooring. Now, it only takes a few minutes for you to make changes in the draft and make your clients happy. 

Moreover, 3D visualization helps stakeholders stay on the same page. For example, designers, architects, clients, and construction companies use a similar draft to keep track of the construction progress. Let us now explore why 3D animation and visualization are widely used in the real estate industry. 

Elaborate Presentation

Previously, architects used 2D sketches to visualize the architecture of any property. These sketches failed to communicate life within those architectural plans. Realtors had a hard time convincing the buying behaviour of their clients. Realizing the need, advanced software and tools were developed to present the design and architecture elaborately. Although now, with architectural walkthroughs, viewers experience the space as if they are physically present there. The sense of realism allows viewers to imagine their future at their dream house. 3D walkthrough animation allows clients and investors to better understand what the final product will look like. This can help build trust and confidence in your project and increase interest from potential buyers or investors.

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Convincing Details 

With the help of 3D rendering software, architects enhance the property’s presentation using shadows, wall colours, lighting, reflections, furniture, object illumination, appliance placements, curtains, rugs and more. Not just that, a sense of realism is added to the picture through day and night scenes, weather effects, clouds, birds, greenery or animated human avatars. In the case of a housing society visualization, architects display a complete ariel view of the space with landscape architecture in sight. This virtual tour not only leaves a strong impression on viewers but also convinces their purchase decisions. 

For a long time now, realtors have used 3D architectural walkthrough animation to add convincing details to their upcoming residential or commercial projects. Not to mention, the advancements in 3D architectural visualization have changed the course of property marketing and sales. 

Effortless Marketing

Architecture animation is considered an effective tool for effortless property visualization and marketing. It is a known fact that video-based visual content engages the audience more quickly and effectively than bland images. Basically, these short animation videos are easy to watch and share online, which is a plus for realtors aiming to target overseas customers. For instance, as the 3D architectural walkthrough is developed in an unreal engine, it can create a strong and lasting impact on its viewers. These videos are easily shared over social media channels, including YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. In fact, some estate developers display these animated walkthroughs in TV commercials to reach their target audience residing at their homes. 

Altogether, 3D architectural visualization and walkthrough animation help through property marketing with:
  1. Visual storytelling
  2. Increased engagement
  3. Accurate representation 
  4. Cost-effectiveness
  5. Quick conversions 

Maximized Conversions

The success of property marketing is determined by the rate of conversions. You heard right! With 3D walkthrough animations, you can win over a maximized number of investors and customers. These convincing virtual tours of the property help clients envision their dream lifestyle. For instance, animations display a complete architectural plan for a residential building that attracts potential buyers to purchase their dream house. Therefore, video content is considered a strong tool when it comes to converting leads.

Cost-Effective Approach

Realtors rely on 3D walkthrough animation now more than ever. The short video content is far more descriptive than 2D models or sketches. It altogether saves big bucks that otherwise go into faulty design plans or construction. Because using 3D animation services, architects and designers create a photorealistic scene that allows making necessary changes on the go. Architects and stakeholders sit together to craft a finalized version of the animation with all the details in place. This acts as a guideline for all the parties involved. It not only helps save precious time but also helps keep track of money. 

Not just that, these accurately rendered 3D walkthroughs greatly help cut down on marketing expenses. So, realtors, today prefer developing photorealistic displays of the property to win the hearts of their target market way before the project is pushed for construction. 

Competitive Edge

How do you think 3D walkthrough animation is dominating the real estate industry? When partnered with a 3D walkthrough animation company, real estate developers gain a competitive edge over others. These realistic and attractive animated videos help them present a property at its best. It helps gain clients’ confidence and also attracts new clients residing overseas. Not just that, when posted on the company website, 3D animated visuals of the property enhance your company portfolio. Let’s face it; the more convincing the presentation of your property, the more competition it gives others in the market. 

So, why not create magnetic animations that sure help attract the right target market to your business? Learn more about how realtime architecture walkthrough benefits the real estate industry. 

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, 3D walkthrough animation and visualization serve an important purpose for the architectural industry. It is the future of property visualization and presentation. From the accurate presentation of designs to effective marketing, walkthrough animation helps visualize a complete picture of your property. So offer your clients a beyond-reality experience with interactive walkthroughs and easily score maximum conversions. 

Using our 3D architectural visualization and 3D walkthrough animation services, you can create seamless and immersive virtual tours of the property. This helps you visually present complex architectural design and interior or exterior elevations for your varied construction projects. ArchXStudio takes this opportunity to flex about its most popular 3D walkthrough animation services. If you are a realtor struggling to win clients for your architectural projects, then it is time you opt for 3D animation and visualization. Connect with our expert designers and architects today to visualize your next residential or commercial architectural project.

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