How Architectural Animation Impacts Modern Society

How Architectural Animation Impacts Modern Society

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What is the quickest way to engage an audience? Visual content is believed to create a strong impact on human minds. But when the visuals are transformed into a video, it creates a far greater impression on viewers. Following the same perspective, architects and designers create animated videos of the property. The virtual experience represents the space, floors, dimensions, landscape, texture and other critical elements. Today, most architects display their architectural plans in modern house animation, residential buildings, hotels, mosques, villas and commercial buildings.  

Over the years, the architectural industry has seen many shifts in the architectural visualization process. Previously, 2D models were built to communicate the design and structure of a building. It was too bland and complicated for everyone to understand the project from an architectural perspective. Then came the era of 3D-rendered still images. Although the still images are still dominating the real estate industry, 3D architectural animation has taken the lead. Clearly, the video description of the project managed to create a strong impact on society. These animated videos visually appeal to the viewers and help them envision their life on the property yet to be constructed. 

Why Opt for 3D Architectural Animation? 

3D animation is the process of rendering computer-generated images, graphics and visuals. By transforming the still images into moving objects, animations add realism to a scenery. That is why 3D artists today focus on creating a real-life architectural environment with an immersive experience. What 2D drawings fail to communicate, 3D animations go beyond the mainstream trends in real estate property visualization and marketing. Moreover, architects aim to create a virtual reality experience for the viewers that explains the entire process of building, from the structure and design to construction. The process is comprehensive and detailed for all parties to understand easily. 

Primarily, the concept of architectural animation gained popularity with the growing demands of modern society. People are more focused on futuristic ways of living. Therefore, with the introduction of advanced technology and tools, our society has altogether changed the face of real estate architecture. For instance, the complete house interior and exterior design are visualized even before the property is pushed into the construction phase. This reduces the chance of error and helps save big bugs that go into misconstructed projects. After all, the year 2023 calls for revised practices in architecture. 

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Impacts of Architectural Animation on Modern Society

Let us now analyze how modern society benefits from architectural animation. 

Accurately Depicts Real-life Environment

Despite their aesthetic appeal, still images fail to deliver realism in architecture. For that matter, architects use animation tools to bring property visualization to life. With animation, real estate dealers present their commercial and residential properties to prospective buyers. Basically, animated videos attract children and adults alike. Thus, it has a positive impact on society when viewers are able to imagine their life in their dream house. Realtors today understand the importance of architectural animation for modern society. Therefore, advanced tech, tools and software is used to render realistic image of the building. 

Using video animations, architects walk the viewers through the entire property. For instance, the video takes us from one floor to another, presenting each interior or exterior detail. Nowadays, real-time 3D architectural walkthroughs are crafted to offer a complete tour of the property. It allows viewers to switch to a walk mode and easily explore the space. Like, you can walk around the room ogling at the interior design, furnishings, and detailed finishings. Hence, animated displays hook modern viewers to the 3D architectural visualization of your property.

Over time we have witnessed a rise in architectural animation, beginning from cartoon and gaming animation to architectural animation. Even today, the real estate business is flourishing worldwide with 3D architectural animation.  

Keeps Viewers Engaged and Entertained

Following the modern trends in architectural animation, artists create luxurious displays of the property. These artistic displays of property are enough to grab the attention of viewers. Mainly, animated videos are used for real estate property marketing. For example, you might have seen TV commercials for upcoming housing society projects that present a futuristic lifestyle display. It abruptly engages the target audience and convinces their buying behaviour. 

Likewise, most realtors today use social media platforms to keep their target market aware and entertained about their architectural projects. Research has indicated that 83% of marketing professionals opt for animation as the best channel of property marketing. In fact, short videos such as GIFs are gaining popularity throughout social media channels as it grabs the attention within a matter of seconds. These animations are easily shared through WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook to keep people updated on current industry trends.

Quick Interaction with the Designs

Architectural animation is an immersive experience for the user. In the case of 3D architectural walkthroughs, the user gets to interact with the specifics. For example, you get to change wall colours, furnishings, interior decor, floor texture, lighting, placement of items and more. This ensures that the complete design is as per the taste and liking of people. In fact, the quick interaction with renders allows architects to make final changes on the go. 

Through architectural animation, we can interact with the designs as:

  1. Allows moving about the space exploring dimensions
  2. Embedded buttons facilitate quick navigation through the space 
  3. Users customize the mood, look and feel of the space
  4. Quick changes are made in colour, texture, structure and shapes
  5. Interior decorative items can be added or removed from the scene
  6. Moving avatars help experience the property from a real-life perspective 
  7. Sound effects and music is customizable as per choice 
Thus, a complete render of the property is extracted after multiple alterations by the client. That is how modern society today is flourishing more than ever. 

Virtual Tours Help Save Big Bucks

Previously, construction companies had to face many failures in order to construct a building as per 2D models. These mishaps occurred due to faulty drawings or sketches. This made realtors lose millions and the trust of their clients. However, now with 3D visualization techniques, artists are able to identify the loopholes and rule out errors that may point towards construction failure. When errors are identified at an early stage, it allows for rectification and amendments. Basically, the animation videos are quite descriptive of the building's structure and design so that a complete look is visualized before being materialized into construction. 

In fact, with an accurate design concept, the stakeholders are able to estimate costs, building materials, timeframe, and workforce requirements. Thus, it reduces the chance of errors and saves one from any possible clashes that may surface in the process. 

Turns Viewers into Happy Customers

Real estate businesses around the world pick architectural animation as their go-to service for winning their clients. Let's say you wish to attract an overseas market for your next commercial project. Now with an architectural animation video of the tall building, you can entice customers from anywhere in the world. They need not travel down to a physical location to explore space. Rather, all you need to do is create a detailed animated video of the property and present it to potential buyers or investors. This is one way to satisfy your customers and earn their trust for investing in your architectural projects. 

Likewise, when these attractive animated videos and GIFs go over on social media channels, it brings you the right audience. After reviewing the projects online, potential buyers reach out to you with handsome offers. 

Final Thoughts 

The real estate business today is making great strides in modern society. Using 3D architectural animation, it is easier to convince customers to invest in your projects. So begin visualizing your next architectural marvel with ArchXStudio, and watch us bring your imagination to reality. 

Undoubtedly, architectural animation is the future of real estate property visualization and marketing. So get in touch with us today to discuss your commercial or residential property projects in detail.

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Author | Mubashrah Rahim

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