How 3D Elevation of a Building Works?

How 3D Elevation of a Building Works?

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The exterior of a building speaks for its entire architecture. Are you wondering how to elevate the outlook of your dream house? The architectural industry is introducing 3D elevation for your residential, commercial or industrial projects. It aims at visualizing all four elevations of the building. These elevations give you a finished look at all four sides of the building yet to be constructed. Most realtors today use 3D elevations for marketing the properties before their clients. Not only do these elevations help market the property worldwide, but it is also used to estimate the costs of the building and to make quick modifications on the go. 

If you are thinking about building a new home and are confused about how it should look, you should communicate the vision to your architect. Soon your vision will be presented as a 3D exterior elevation. After all, it is the front elevation of your house that represents the entire look and feel. So let us explore in detail what is a 3D elevation of a building. 

What is 3D Building Elevation?

The 3D elevation is a three-dimensional representation of a building’s exterior. It is mostly the front elevation design of a house, restaurant, shopping mall or residential building. But, it also includes rare elevation elements such as side walls, backyard, parking lot, pool or deck area. These designs are basically used in real estate property development and marketing to communicate the elevations easily or to push buildings into the construction phase. Architects use design elevations to communicate effectively with all the stakeholders involved. 

Essentially, the elevation plans include the building’s outer walls, windows, roof, floors, doors, partitions, lighting, parking space, lawn, terrace, and pathways. Moreover, it presents plantation, wooden or metallic decorative details, overall communicating the design, texture, colour and finishing style. This pre-visualization process helps you envision what you wish to keep or eliminate. This saves time, effort, and money.

Follow the discussion below if you are a layman wondering how 3D elevations of a building work. 

Importance of 3D Elevation of a Building

A building’s front elevation is most popular in 3D architectural visualization. It is said that the elevated designs are the soul of the property’s exterior. Therefore, while building your dream house, it is important first to build a 3D elevation. 

Elevated Visualization

The architectural visualization of any house is greatly defined by its front elevation. A building’s exterior speaks more about its overall appearance than its interior details. Your clients have the very first glance at the exterior of the property. They are more concerned about what is the final finish of the building. Most realtors use this tactic to attract loyal customers to their properties. First, they get 3D building elevations visualized way before the property goes into the construction phase. Now, they use the same elevations to market their property all around. You must have seen commercial property advertisements online on social media. The main objective of this ad is to display the front look of the building and attract potential buyers. Basically, the audience here puts their confidence in the 3D visualized property. It is the descriptive details and elevation details that altogether help convince their purchase or investment decisions.

3D elevations accurately and precisely represent architectural designs. Especially it helps visualize multiple designs of the house, so you have a lot of options to pick the best design from. Moreover, the process is time-efficient as it allows architects to render modifications in real-time.  

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Elaborate Communication

When marketing real estate properties, the first hiccup is introducing the architectural design to the viewers. For instance, imagine your client failing to understand the drawing, sketching, modelling and visualization process. How would you communicate the final product effectively for the viewers to understand? This is where 3D building elevation designs come into play. These are descriptive renders of the build’s front and sides with elevation and angular details. It better communicates the design, texture, colour and finishes etc. This 3D building elevation helps clients, builders, stakeholders or investors easily communicate their vision with each other. Moreover, if the 3D elevations are pushed into virtual tours, it allows viewers to experience the complete look and feel of the real estate project. 

Architects and designers put their skills to the test when crafting photorealistic house exterior designs. They go the extra mile when embedding details which are easy to communicate. For instance, the designs display the north, east, west and south of the house. With a complete picture of the front, side, and sectional elevation of the building, viewers easily envision their life within the property.

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Faster Construction

The best thing about visualizing your house elevation is that you have a clear view of how the building will stand tall. As soon as the construction process begins, the same 3D building elevation designs are used to communicate your vision to the builders. Following the sketch, they now have a better understanding of what is to be built. Also, the process is easier to make required corrections before the construction begins. Once everything is in order, the builders can begin constructing the architectural marvel. 

Most construction companies today demand 3D elevations of the building to save them from the hassle of reconstructing. With this, a complete architectural marvel is built and elevated in one go. This allows each corner and part of the building to be designed exactly as envisioned. Hence, there is no chance of error or mistake when using 3D elevations for property construction. 

Effortless Marketing

If you are a realtor in the commercial or residential industry, you are well aware of the hassle of property marketing. Your clients look forward to an exceptional architectural plan that will turn into a state-of-the-art building. For that, a 3D elevation of the building is visualized with all the details in place. You can use realistic renders as promotional and marketing materials for your property sales. These elevated designs are used best for project promotion through print or digital means. Nowadays, social media marketing is winning realtors big bucks. Before they know it, the property is sold off the market. Social media marketing reaches a global audience ready to invest in or purchase the property. 

It is all thanks to the 3D building elevations that leave such a lasting impression on the viewer. When presented with a complete final look at the building yet to be constructed, people get excited to envision their property. For instance, we now see residential apartment building promotions all over digital media. These artistic and photorealistic renders are so convincing that your target audience has no other choice but to invest.

Final Thoughts

What’s a great way to experience a real estate building before it is built? 3D building elevation surely simplifies the process of property visualization. It is a simpler and most effective tool for picturing your dream property, easily communicating the design, push property into construction or market worldwide. ArchXStudio takes this opportunity to introduce 3D building elevation to realtors around the world. So you can trust our expert architects and designers to build illustrious 3D interior and exterior architecture.

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