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Architectural visualization may seem like an easy thing to do. But, creating a render from scratch with all the exterior details is a daunting task. Basically, the motive is to craft a perfect render to attract the potential client base. Understanding what the client wants is a step in the right direction. In this case, there is no room for mistakes or glitches. In fact, the slightest glitches are not acceptable as the 3D renders of the project help clients to observe the property from every angle. Therefore, following the practical ideas for 3D exterior rendering is essential to perfect each design.

Exterior rendering requires a higher level of responsibility and expertise from the architect. This enables our clients to develop the confidence to run their businesses. Be it a commercial, residential, industrial, home, hotels, villa property, shopping mall, or school, 3D exterior rendering helps present the property in its entirety. Therefore, achieving perfection is the only way to go about it. 

3D exterior rendering services enable clients to present their properties to a potential global clientele. So, are you ready to explore ideas for 3D exterior rendering? But first, let's sort the debate on why real estate developers, realtors, construction companies, and developers need an exterior render of properties. 

Why Use 3D Exterior Rendering Services?

3D exterior rendering communicates a property's exterior depth and scale. Previously, 2D models of the buildings were used to display the building's dimensions, design, walls, and plaster finish. However, it failed to present minute details such as; surroundings, day or night view, moving objects, or weather conditions. Thus, the architecture industry realized its shortcomings and used advanced technology to craft picturesque property renders. 

Likewise, it ignited the sense of responsibility for property developers and advisors to focus on the details. Consequently, they shall attract prospective buyers towards the property and close deals. It communities the architectural building in a complete sense and helps through global property marketing. Wondering how? 

These exterior designs work well with social media profiles, websites, or email marketing. Be it an image, video, virtual tour, or architectural walkthrough; the clients receive a perfected immersive experience. Therefore, the ideas for 3D exterior rendering are achievable and futuristic. Undoubtedly, it is a cost-effective, time-efficient, and smart business approach in the architectural industry. 

Ideas to Perfect Your 3D Exterior Rendering 

Architects have spent years rendering a perfect 3D exterior of a property—many tools and techniques aid in minimizing human effort and maximizing efficiency. Also, there are new features within the renders to upgrade the architectural visualization process. Architects and designers kept improving 3D exterior architecture for all good reasons. The renders have to be perfect for the clients to experience the property of their dreams. Here are some ideas on how you can create a lasting impression on your clients with perfected 3D renders. 

Display Sky and Weather Scene 

Displaying the sky at the top is the real challenge in 3D architectural rendering. The sense of reality it portrays could either help you score the deal or lose it. You have to have the right skills, tools, and expertise to add a real-life sky to the renders. For instance, the details of cloud, colors, and natural feel would convey the property in its entirety. Some architects find it best to add the weather scene to render alongside the sky. They display a bright sunny day with glaring sun, clear sky, sun rays, and fresh clouds hovering above. In fact, whatever the weather you present, you should have a sense of nature and beauty to it. The more you work on it, the more perfect it gets. 

There's no end to ideas for 3D exterior rendering of the property. So, when advertising a property in Antarctica, it is best to display snowfall, snow-covered roofs, and snowflakes in our sight. Of course, the renders are for you to play with. The more real, the better! For instance, a commercial plaza on sale in Seattle displays a dark cloudy sky, with rain covering the roads and entire scenery. That is how you make the property relatable and appealing to prospective buyers or investors. 

Add Reflection and Shadows 

Simply putting the sky, sun, and weather in the scene won't explain the property. But what makes an image look 100% authentic? It is the details that seem to exist only in real life. Yes! The reflection and shadows of buildings, greenery, vehicles, birds, or exterior details best explain the image. For instance, aligning the shadows with sunlight or street lights is the first step to creating shadows. The more we focus on each detail, the easier it is to communicate the design. Overall, it adds to the realism of the renders of a property advertisement.

Moreover, the reflections of trees, plants, and moving objects enhance the natural touch. Remember, going the extra mile does no harm but only good. So, dive in and craft perfect renders for your property marketing. 

Add a Panoramic Background

Usually, architects visit the site/location prior to crafting architectural renders. It is important to have an exact idea of the space and its surroundings. Basically, it is about displaying the background with a wide area in all directions of the building. It helps present a complete image of the property and its neighborhood. For instance, the mountains in the background with all the greenery in place would explain a farmhouse exterior more accurately. 

Achieving perfection in your renders is not an easy task. But focusing on the bigger picture is how you'd earn the loyalties of your investors and potential buyers. So, enhance your projects by displaying 360 panoramic views of the property. 

Keep the Design Realistic

A simple mistake most architects make is the dramatic display of human figures, cartoons, or birds. It could mess up your overall perfect exterior display. However, if the architects are experts in their field, they can surely keep realistic figures in the renderings. Most importantly, the design needs to be realistic. It should be imaginative and digestible. So, the more realistically true the building stands tall, the more leads come your way. Now, consider the following ideas for 3D exterior rendering to achieve realistic results:

  1. Put complex scenic details 
  2. Use illuminations and realistic lights 
  3. Add flowy grass and trees
  4. Use sounds with weather depiction 
  5. Add glass reflections 
  6. Display life in the background 
  7. Use Moving avatars 
Essentially, the use of updated software, best tools, and expertise helps craft that perfect render of the property. That is exactly what catches the interest of viewers in the first look

Display Greenery and Vegetation

Any architectural marvel is incomplete without the display of greenery and vegetation. It adds a refreshing sense to the overall exterior of the property. Furthermore, the realistic presentation of grass, trees, and plants enhances the background and foreground. Although, it is important to use 2D images of vegetation in the background and 3D images in the foreground. That is how you achieve that perfect picturesque landscape. 

Remember, do not repeat the similar images of vegetations all around. Rather, use small, tall, and varied-sized trees, grass, or plants throughout your yard. Moreover, the moving flowy leaves would display a more realistic property image. Thus, perfection speaks for itself. 

Enhance the Focal Points 

Before beginning with the rendering process, research and focus on the interests and preferences of your target audience. Adding specific details to the exterior render would spark the interest of the target audience. Nowadays, people prefer luxurious and modern details. It adds to the beauty of their property and offers them a futuristic image of their dreams. So, to capture the attention of your viewers, display:

  1. Classic fence
  2. 3D lights
  3. Exterior shutters
  4. Tall doors
  5. Fancy garage
  6. Branded vehicles
  7. Artistic garden
  8. Grand swimming pool
  9. Rooftop helipad
  10. Explicit pathways
Make these details the focal point of your exterior design and leave no room for suggestions. An expert designer reads the expectations of its clients and creates more than they expect. Thus, it becomes easier to achieve perfection. Also, check the importance of architectural rendering in exterior design. 

To Summarize 

Fortunately, advanced software aid in crafting detailed 3D exterior renders of the property. It helps architects and designers focus on the exterior elements. Today, 3D exterior rendering is one of the most preferred methods by real estate agents, property developers, and construction firms. They now believe in enhanced and perfected commercial or residential property displays. The stronger the visual artistry, the more convincing are architectural renderings. Consequently, this helps them score a larger clientele.  ArchXStudio is the top 3D exterior architectural rendering service provider company in Asia. Avail our services at affordable market competitive rates and watch your dream projects rise before your eyes.

Author | Mubashrah Rahim

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