How Motion Graphics Animation Helps in Digital Media Marketing?

How Motion Graphics Animation Helps in Digital Media Marketing?

motion graphics in digital media marketing
In 2022, visual content will speak volumes. Be it social media, promo videos, or TVCs, it is the graphical representation of visuals that makes the eyes turn. Surprisingly, people are no more attracted to voices or bland images. Considering the short attention span, humans easily focus on visually appealing content. Therefore, your marketing campaign is more likely to generate leads and revenue if the visual content is engaging. The phantom of motion or rotation of images creates a lasting impression for presentation and advertisements. The use of motion graphics in digital media marketing is now considered the best approach to go forward. 

Studies have relieved that visual content marketing will dominate 2022, generating 82% of the global traffic on the internet. When it comes to storytelling, art, video animation, and marketing, motion graphics animation is the best way to get the attention of viewers. It uses text, graphics, movement, colours, and details to make impressive video content. Therefore, high-quality motion graphics animation works best for digital media marketing.

Why use Motion Graphics Animation? 

Motion graphic videos are considered most effective to create brand awareness and engagement. The designed motion graphics videos can either be used for websites, TVC, digital media, or any social media platforms. For instance, motion graphics animators and designers formally designed the news channels' content, TVCs and product animation posted at different media channels. These graphics promise the fastest and more efficient user engagement as it is sharable. 

The GIFs and videos deliver more information in seconds than a text could have delivered. Industries such as education, corporate, and health use motion graphic animation design services to uplift their digital media marketing game. Do you wish to enhance the meaning of your brand story? Use Motion graphics in digital media marketing to communicate the message to your target audience visually. 

Role of Motion Graphics in Digital Media Marketing

Are you struggling with convincing your clients to avail the services? Well, it is 2022, and there is no time to wait for the consumers to knock at your doors. Rather, it now calls for quick actions with marketing campaigns. When targeting the audience, 

  1. Determine where your audience would be most active and responsive.
  2. Think of the simpler ways your audience can understand the meaning of your advertisement. 
  3. Offer video, audio and text together to save their time
  4. Present product, services and ideas in a matter of seconds

Visual Representation of Complex Ideas

3D animation artists work in the right direction to help the education, health and corporate sector. The majority of users spend more time on long-form visually engaging video content. Motion graphic videos explain more complex ideas with text, colors, visuals, voice and attractive graphics in a minute. These videos help you get straight to the point, and that way, your message is conveyed to people who have busy schedules. For instance, the entire manuals, processes, or guides are presented through appealing videos.

However, the first rule for motion graphics in digital media is that your videos should be visually attractive with colours, flashing lights, and close to real 3D graphics.

Engaging Content Displayed Through Videos

Visual content is highly engaging for individuals with short attention spans and busy users. Digital media advertisements with motion graphics are considered more engaging than bland infographics or images. These graphical presentations involve the views through the entire video.  Likewise, the use of music, voice and graphical display of images makes it impossible to ignore the message displayed. People quickly respond to the message and take quick action. They either share the videos or show their interest in the products or services. It automatically promotes the brand and creates an uproar in the global marketplace. The more the shares, the more bucks your business would make. Digital media algorithms do work in mysterious ways! 

Motion graphics in digital media is the answer if you are launching a new product and struggling to introduce its features to your consumer market. These videos help you display the entire brand for your product mentioning all the specific features and usability of the products. That is how people are familiarized with your product to ensure a staggering number of sales. On the top, your trademark logo, tagline or slogans also help popularize your product in the consumer market. So why not grab the spoon and the fork all at once? 

Wide Arenas of Digital Media Marketing

Motion graphics animation is getting popular in digital media marketing. Combining the videos, infographics, audio, and graphic designs builds captivating visual content. Animated graphics can either be created from animations or flat graphic pieces edited using advanced software. These videos are later displayed or broadcasted on digital media platforms to promote your product successfully. Let us consider the wide arena of digital media marketing approaches. 

  1. Mainstream television ads or online advertising
  2. Videos describing the process, ideas, or tutorials
  3. Social media video posting to promote brands 
  4. PPC or Social media marketing ads 
  5. Brand promotional videos for business publicity
  6. Culture marketing videos to represent your people, values, and brand

Shareable Videos Enhance Marketing Opportunities

Another important aspect of motion graphics videos is their easy shareability. The short duration of videos results in a quick watch and sharing with interested individuals. The consumer market also keeps the video content safe when it is informative or instructional. This is the fast marketing approach favouring businesses or brands wanting to expand their reach. Nowadays, it appears that most people are available online on social media platforms. The mobile devices in hand make it easier for people to engage in the videos and share in real-time. 

Text, graphics, voice and attractive visuals can convey a message or idea in a matter of seconds or minutes. This is what makes motion graphics videos easy to share across different platforms. Digital media marketing platforms are compatible with your product and services' promotional motion graphics videos. It is an efficient approach that helps you reach maximum viewers from around the globe. 

Efficient and Cost-Effective Approach 

Wouldn't it be hard to convey the entire product message to your target audience? Explaining the process, DIY, or manual directions would get tricky to describe in a single video. As a result, the motion graphic videos efficiently convey the entire message through graphical representation of the process. In a few easy steps, the entire message is conveyed with ease. 

When planning on creating a marketing campaign for your business, video production expenses are hard to bear. It would also require labour, cameras, and a complete studio crew to pull off an entire production. Therefore, the motion graphic animation videos come to the rescue. An impressive motion graphics animation is developed using a simple design process through various tools and software. This reduces the cost of some of the extra expenses. So, avail the services of graphics and animation experts from the professionals of ArchXStudio. 

In Conclusion  

Motion graphics animation has greatly benefited digital media marketing. These videos help you present the brand to your target audience globally. You get to score an extensive number of conversions through a maximum share on all possible digital media platforms. 
Do you wish to craft motion graphics animation videos for your business products and services? So, get in touch with expert designers and artists of ArchXStudio to avail best around-town motion graphics services. 

Author | Mubashrah Rahim

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