7 Skills to Look Out for in a 3D Architectural Visualization Expert

7 Skills to Look Out for in a 3D Architectural Visualization Expert

3D Architectural Visualization Expert
Modern architectural trends have altogether changed the face of real estate property development and marketing. It is the use of advanced technology and software that helps through crafting 3D architectural visualization of the property. However, it is not just the tech or tools that help envision the real-life view of the property. Rather, what counts is the essential skills that a 3D architectural visualization expert possesses. 

Realtors now look for 3D architecture professionals with a strong portfolio. Usually, a company with the most reviews and strong testimonials captures your attention. Although that is only one aspect of judging the candidate. In fact, there are many other criteria on which you can test the expertise of the architect. It takes deep knowledge, effective communication, expert skills, and hands-on experience on the part of a visualization expert to create state-of-the-art 3D visuals. 

Here’s a list of skills to look out for in a competent 3D architectural visualization expert. 

1- Knowledge of 3D Architectural Visualization

What better defines the expertise of the architect? The years of education and practice in the field tell a great deal about the work of an architect. They have a more direct approach to designing, creativity and artistry. In fact, an architect with strong background knowledge of architecture is more credible as compared to an architect who majored in another field. 

Likewise, a strong knowledge of the industry would be a plus when it comes to understanding the demands of clients and crafting a masterpiece that only exists in the imagination. Altogether, the architect with a background in architecture and design receives an edge on

  1. Quick communication of property visualization and design
  2. Comprehending the requirements and instructions of clients
  3. Better at reading sketches, drawings, models, and renders
  4. Understanding the process from conception till construction
  5. Effectively communicates with stakeholders and property owners
  6. Translates designs into descriptive renders and 3D animation
  7. Does not compromise on attention to details   

2- Well Versed in Industry Trends

Keeping up with industry trends is the only way to survive in a competitive architectural industry. When the clients show up with a design plan and demand artistic builds of Bauhaus style, the visualization artist should be able to comprehend their demands. If, for instance, the artist is not familiar with the current architectural styles and trends, then it is impossible for them to envision their client’s dream space. However, with enough knowledge of the trends, the artist confidently communicates the design and offers suggestions where needed. 

Being well-versed in the field is considered one of the essential skills of the 3D architectural visualization expert. The experts must constantly research, study and train themselves on current trends. In fact, social media today is flooded with the latest architectural trends, ideas and project displays from around the world. Realtors look up the latest designs online and share them with the artists for reference. This has made the visualization process easier and more efficient. Therefore, good knowledge and hands-on experience in industry trends are a plus in the skillset of the 3D architectural visualizer. 

3- Expert in Design Conception and Execution

When it comes to CG rendering of the property, the artists and designers greatly emphasize each phase of visualization. From conception to execution, a careful plan is devised by expert artists. First, they create a project development timeline after detailed discussions with the client and other stakeholders. Then, working effectively in a team, the expert artists define roles and responsibilities for each artist to ensure the project's timely completion. 

In addition, the experts give special attention to the details by investing their time and skills in each phase of property visualization. However, their main focus is to create high-quality renders that speak for themselves when presented before the clients. Overall, the qualified architects responsibly cover the following:

  1. Manages own timeline and workflow 
  2. Responsibly assigns tasks and roles to artists 
  3. Constantly keeps in touch with the project team
  4. Ensures timely execution of the entire project
  5. Works closely on specific details, designs and artwork 
  6. Follows through the process of visualization till construction

4- Mastery of Animation and Presentation

The skills of an artist are put to the test in the phase of 3D rendering, animation and presentation. Once they have developed the initial drafts of renders, it is time to push the renders into animation tools; with accurate knowledge of the tools and refined skills to create 3D animations of the architectural property, an artist crafts a masterpiece which is one of its kind. Today, 3D architectural animation dominates the industry as it offers an immersive experience of the property being visualized. 

Therefore, most real estate developers now prefer representing their projects using descriptive animations. It helps communicate the property's dimensions, floors and overall look and feel. This, in return, helps realtors through quick property sales. 

Therefore, when looking for an expert artist, make sure they are well-versed in project animation and presentation.

5- Hands-on Technical Skills

When looking for the best 3D architectural visualization expert, it is important to test their hands-on technical skills. The artist must have expertise in all aspects of visualization. Take, for instance, the top visualizers in the market today who hold extensive experience in 

  1. 3D Rendering
  2. 3D Animation.
  3. 3D visualization
  4. Motion Graphics
The list above guides you towards shortlisting an expert who offers the following services. Here, we require the artist to be well-versed and highly productive in terms of creativity. Because you need renders that turn heads and hook the clients to your property renders. 

6- Expertise with the Best Tools

However, an artist is best defined by the skills and hands-on experience with the latest tech and tools. Architects use 3D visualization tools that help craft artistic and picturesque renders that are further used across multiple platforms. Mainly, the tools aid in creating animations, floor plans, panoramas, walkthroughs and more. It is, however, the visualizer's choice as to which tools they hold expertise in and what services they can offer. 

We have devised a list of tools that are dominating the architectural industry today. Before you shake hands with an expert, be mindful of the tools they use. You can use our checklist and easily inquire artists about the tools and their experience using them. 

  1. 3DsMax
  2. Unreal
  3. Lumion
  4. Vray
  5. Corona

7- Detail-Oriented Approach to Visualization

They say, it is all in the details! With a clear focus on each nook and corner, artists represent intricate details of the architectural property. For instance, the designs communicate depth, dimensions, shadows, proximity and distance. Not just that, the artists focus on explaining the space using interior decorative items and furnishings, including details such as plants, glass windows, curtains, rugs, electronic items, pets, animated human avatars, perfect lighting and more. Likewise, the exterior designs also display details such as; vehicles, street lights, roads, sky, weather conditions and display of day and night time. This altogether adds realism to the scene, which helps better relate to the property. Later, these renders are presented in the moving virtual tour. These tours show you around the property from the entrance to the halls and upstairs. 

Be it exterior designing or interior rendering; artists focus on communicating each detail to clients through digital or live media. For instance, realtors now use TVC to market the property worldwide to entice investors who may be residing overseas. But it is only possible with a detail-oriented visualization approach to eliminate confusion or queries. This is a great approach for real estate property marketing. 

Finally, look out for analytical skills in 3D visualizers and make sure they understand your requirements. So they may take advantage of details that speak at length about your real estate project. 

Final Thoughts

We have learned so far that it takes essential architecture design knowledge, skills, and experience to qualify as an expert 3D visualizer. More so, with great skills in photography and cinematography, an artist adds life and realism to the rendered architecture projects. But first, you need to screen the architect on the number of skills mentioned above. For it is the 3D architectural visualization that helps sell real estate properties quicker than ever. 

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Author | Mubashrah Rahim

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