3D Architectural Design and Visualization Projects by ArchXStudio

3D Architectural Design and Visualization Projects by ArchXStudio

Architectural Design and Visualization
Visualizing a property before construction is the smart business approach for most real estate developers, construction companies, and builders. ArchXStudio proudly presents a list of top architectural design and visualization projects successfully delivered within 2021. The entire picture of the property communicates the idea and vision dreamt by the clients.
"Design is where science and art break even."-Mieke Gerritzen

Our Top Architectural Design and Visualization Projects

City Garden Housing Scheme

Our expert visualizers and designers crafted an architectural marvel of the City Garden-Housing Society project. Located at Chichawatni, this project spreads over 110 ft square space. It is the ultimate developmental project that is now under construction. ArchXStudio took up the project and rendered the entire architectural design of the housing society. It displays an aerial view of the whole society, showcasing buildings, roads, greenery, and sky all featured in daylight. There is also a grand display of mosques, parks, supermarkets, parking lots and schools.

Our close to reality visualization also displays moving cars on the road, birds in the sky and 3D human figures. Not just that, the interior and exterior architectural visualizers have worked closely on the project to take the viewer through the property from all angles and dimensions.  

Property developers and investors have greatly benefited from the architectural design and visualization created by ArchXStudio. In addition, our clients use the videos of rendered projects for marketing campaigns, TV commercials, or personal use to entice clients into making purchases. 

Heaven Heights

Another worth mentioning project carried out by ArchXStudio is the Heaven Heights architectural visualization. Our experts took up the project and artistically designed the building's overall exterior and interior architectural design. It is a residential property that comprises a tall building, rooftop restaurant display, parking lot, lawn, outside pathways, roads, and indoor garage. Also, an aerial view of the property, its surroundings, moving avatars, moving cars, greenery, daylight, and indoor light effects give the viewers a close to reality feel. We took care of the entire grey structure and finishing of the project as per the demands of the realtors. Our clients were satisfied with the realistic renders and animated commercial/residential property display. On the top, it helps the construction company follow the design and aids in quick sales of the property. 

heaven heights

Clients greatly benefitted from the video animation as their project was visualized before their eyes for the interested buyers to make an informed decision. Also, architectural visualization makes it easier to communicate the entire project's idea, structure, and vision. So, once we have finalized the animations, clients can use the renders or videos however they wish.

3D Architectural Rendering of a House

ArchXStudio creates a captivating and charismatic display of modern house interior and exterior. The presentation of rainy weather depicts how it is essential to develop a close to reality display of the property's exterior. It gives a refreshing feeling and captures the interests of viewers. Additionally, the entire exterior design features animated images of people, vehicles, tall buildings, greenery, the sky, roads, and shadows. For instance, the lavish and bold interior details make the place a luxurious home. 

From modern to the antique display of furnishings makes this property a sight to behold. Viewers can take a complete virtual tour of the house from the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bath, terrace to the garage. We closely follow clients' instructions and exceed their expectations by providing video and photo-realistic images of the entire property. 

Additionally, the project served as a marketing tool around the world. The interior and exterior architectural design and visualization images run on social media platforms, commercials, and property advertisements. When the interested buyers can picture their life in the property, it helps them make quick decisions towards investing in the property. In addition, these crafted renders encourage confused clients to know what they want and work on the lifestyle they have always dreamt of. 

Modern House Exterior Animation

Another brilliant project delivered by ArchXStudio is modern house exterior animation. A spring season display presents the overall modern house exterior animation design. The entire look of the architecture focuses on a luxurious and lavish living style for modern living. The hint of a breeze, human avatars, swimming pool, and elaborate greenery add a beautiful scenic view to the entire property. Moreover, the building stands tall with a modern grey structure, double story, tall glass windows, and perfect finishings. We aim at over-delivering the demands of our clients. Therefore, our designers and experts get to work the moment you confirm the deal. Furthermore, we constantly follow up with our clients to design as per their demands and follow the suggested process. 

The exterior house display is the entire vision of our client spread out in the form of architecture, animation design and visualization. Moreover, these crafted renders help constructors and builders follow the steps and plan when they begin construction.

Unreal Engine Interior Realtime Walkthrough

Arch Studios' designers and visualizers use unreal engines to create real-time interior architecture walkthroughs. The video showcases the detailed interior of the property, from kitchen flooring, woodwork to living room furnishings. However, the best thing about unreal engines is that it allows users to easily sift through the space as if they are walking around the property. Interestingly, the real-time walkthrough video also has installed features to switch on or off the lights. 

Moreover, it allows users to turn on the music whilst on their tour of the property. These features define unreal engines as to how it engages the users in the property. Also, this project holds great importance in the portfolio of ArchXStudio. Expert skills, techniques, and unreal engine software are used to develop our client's entire walkthrough experience. 

Interior real-time walkthrough allows offering users an unreal experience. Users can see themselves in the location as if they were there. As a result, new leads and interested buyers come drawn to the property. Therefore, the unreal engine is considered the best tool to craft advanced 3D animations of the properties.

Faisal Mosque 3D Animation

The 3D animation video of the Faisal Mosque is designed and developed by the animation experts at ArchXStudio. Our team took up this project for a Television Transmission introductory video. It is an HD display of the mosque and its surroundings. Here, the lighting in an evening mood creates an artistic and stunning view of the mosque.

Moreover, the overall feel of the animation video is enhanced with musical add ons. This 3D video animation is best suited for digital media marketing or TVC.

Badshahi Mosque 3D Animation

What's more credible than one's heritage and history? ArchXStudio took up the project to design a Ramazan Transmission introductory video. It is created with great care to engage the user in a delightful virtual experience of the Badshahi Mosque. Also, the flying ribbon makes room for wonder and awe. The entire animation video process was carried out through stages of careful planning, strategizing, quality checks, involvement from stakeholders, and deployment of techniques using tools and software. We pick your business values and craft branded or personalized 3D animated videos. 

badshahi mosque animation

The project video was specifically designed for the Ramazan Transmission and used for digital media marketing purposes. 

Mosque in Jehlum

Our designers at ArchXStudio worked hard to craft a picturesque mosque in Jhelum. The tall structure of the mosque features marble flooring, lighting, fountains, trees, and human avatars. In addition, the evening view of the building adds to the overall aura of the rendered property. We worked on the instructions and guidelines from clients to create designs of the mosque according to their requirements. 

Jehlum Mosque

In Conclusion

With years of experience in architectural design and visualization, ArchXStudio confidently takes on any project. Be it a restaurant design, office design, mosque, residential or commercial property; we offer top architecture services. The projects mentioned above are a glimpse into the capabilities of our animation experts and designers. So, do you want to get your residential or commercial property visualized? Attract global investors to the property by displaying a picturesque image of the project in question.

Author | Mubashrah Rahim

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