Showcase Your Property using Photorealistic Rendering Architecture

Showcase Your Property using Photorealistic Rendering Architecture

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Realtors, constructors and property developers understand the importance of the presentation of buildings. How your property convinces the buyers into making investments is what counts. Therefore, considering the need of the hour, photorealistic rendering architecture comes into practice for exterior-interior design, marketing and product design. These picturesque designs are crafted in less time with maximum quality results. The details are unmatched as viewers can't differentiate between the architectural designs and real pictures of the property. 

Let us first explore what actually is photorealistic rendering in architecture.

Photorealistic Rendering Architecture

3D architectural rendering is often used for commercial marketing and advertising real estate or residential properties. These digital renders aim to engage the clients into visualizing their presence in the property. For instance, they receive the exact idea of the dimensions, details, concepts and information. Likewise, it allows the viewer to sift through the space as if they are actually inside the property. It is the best choice for properties under construction or renovation of old buildings. Here, architects and designers take up the projects from scratch and present them in the best available light. These designs aid in the mutual understanding of buyer, contractor, builder and owners. Thus, when the builders and contractors are confused about the construction process, 3D architectural rendering helps them decide on the spaces and details of the project. 

These photorealistic details of any property come to life through spaces, finishes, surface details, lighting, realistic camera dimensions, and scaling of objects. As a result, the scenic view of the property is hard to distinguish from real pictures of any property. In fact, architects use different means to present photorealistic images of any property, such as 3D exterior or interior rendering, 3D floor plans, real-time architecture walkthroughs, 360 panoramic rendering and motion graphics.

Best Practices to Showcase Your Property 

Do you wish to display a complete image of the property to your clients before the construction process begins? Well, photorealistic rendering architecture is the right choice for your real estate, commercial or residential projects. 

They say that it is all in the details and we cannot agree more. Therefore, architects craft photorealistic renders with details you could not imagine fit within the frame. Creating marvelous and elevated renders showcasing the entire property is the real obsession of 3D artists and designers. Indeed, the recent addition of rendering software has worked well for the architectural industry.
photorealistic design Let us check how photorealistic rendering architecture presents the properties before viewers.  

Hook Viewers with Exterior Details

The photorealistic renders hook the viewer's attention with picturesque designs and details. Architects and artists use updated software, technology and tools to craft a perfected image of the entire outlook of any property. The exterior details leave a lasting first impression on the clients. Therefore, when marketing property, the realtors use unique exterior design details such as beautiful landscapes, attractive surroundings, and outdoor displays. In fact, exterior details adorn the properties by:
  1. Colour scheme
  2. Refreshing landscape
  3. Fascinating doors and railings  
  4. Day and night displays 
  5. Charming atmosphere
  6. Moving avatars in Space 
  7. Greenery and sky display
  8. Wood, glass, granite or marble features
  9. Grey structures to finished product
  10. Vehicle and gadget display
  11. Outdoor lighting 
  12. Walls and fences  

Display Entire Property in a Frame 

Previously, the construction companies used hand-drawn sketches, legacy drawings and 2D models to display the entire image of any property. However, it failed to deliver the complete vision and image of the property. Therefore, it was necessary to use modern technologies and software to produce realistic 3D displays of the site. Nowadays, 3D floor plans help display the image of the entire property in one frame. These are the virtual models of buildings conceived from a bird's eye view. A picturesque floor plan depicts everything in model form. Also check how 3D floor plans help in real-estate property marketing. Wondering what a floor plan displays? Realtors, contractors, construction companies and residential property owners demand the following floor plan displays:
  1. Bedroom floor plans
  2. House floor plans
  3. Apartment floor plans 
  4. Office floor plans
  5. Living Room floor plans
  6. Studio apartment floor plans
These floor plans cover the property walls, partitions, window arches, doors, staircase, furniture, and complete three-dimensional view. 

Tempt with Luxurious Decor

Set up luxurious decoration details when showcasing your property through social media or your website. Your clients are more likely to confirm the deal when your displays are elaborate and convincing. So, why not display what your clients most wish to see. For instance, put green plants in the hallway, cushions on the sofa, matching curtains, attractive showpieces at the table, music system, sunlight coming in, or place rugs at each door. There is a famous saying, "It's attention to detail that makes the difference between average and stunning designs (Francis Atterbury). So, lit up the place with all the possible authentic details to convince clients to make quick purchases.

Work on Lighting Setup 

Once a 3D model or render is ready, start working on the lighting. The lighting would help determine the overall atmosphere and feel of the interior space. 3D architectural walkthrough in unreal engine allows customization options for clients to pick from multiple options of lights available. If the client wishes to add something unique, they can put their suggestions forward, and the architect picks on the same lighting and atmosphere. 
At times, clients opt for illumination, daylight, or HD lighting. They also get to comment on the overall mood of the atmosphere depicted through clouds, rain, snow or sun. Each of these elements is presented and finalized in the actual rendering engine. 

Enable Customization in Unreal Engine

3D artists and architects create architectural walkthroughs using unreal engines. The architectural walkthrough is the interactive presentation of the residence interior or exterior with customization options at each step. This property is easy to navigate, so the client can feel at home and make an informed decision. At the top, it allows customization of each detail at each step. For instance, being inside the kitchen space, the client can change the floor's colour and texture. They can also play with light positioning, wooden details, or the overall look of the counters. These are the modern approaches that aid in quick decision-making and save time at each step of construction to finishing.

This interior architectural walkthrough is created either in the unreal engine or 3DS Max. Be it an apartment, house, office or hotel room, real-time architecture walkthroughs have become the first choice of architects. It helps them win at marketing and advertising the property before a global clientele. 

Add Feel to Entice Clients 

When a property is up for sale, the first thing buyers notice is the overall atmosphere and feel. The more subtle and elegant the feel of the architectural piece, the more potential buyers it would attract. For instance, a nice touch of fog, snow, clouds, night feel and subtle breeze, or sunlight on hilltops in the background would define the charisma of the property. 

These are the final touches yet essential for the success of each of your architectural projects. Likewise, the photorealistic rendering presents stunning visuals that hook the clients. In fact, it is the collective environment of the space that offers an interactive experience for the viewers.  Altogether, the above-mentioned photorealistic rendering property helps showcase the property, resulting in quick sales. So, why not get your property visualized before advertising for sale? 

In Conclusion

Above, we have tried to engage you in an urgent and critical discussion regarding your property marketing and sales. The mentioned approaches would help you elevate the property renders to the next level. Many 3D artists and architects strive to create photorealistic renders that are hard to tell apart from real-life images. However, it is not just about crafting a perfect render; rather about how it delivers the story and atmosphere of the property. There are a hundred ways that one can use to perfect the renders. So, let's keep exploring!

Similarly, ArchXStudio brings its expert photorealistic rendering architecture services your way to help modernize and elevate your marketing potential. So, if you are a realtor wanting to sell a commercial building or house, get in touch with our expert architects and designers to realistically showcase your properties worldwide. 
Look out for more advice and suggestions to make a standing in the marketplace. Ciao!

Author | Mubashrah Rahim

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