How a Panoramic View of a Property is Useful For Real Estate

How a Panoramic View of a Property is Useful For Real Estate

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When it comes to real estate business marketing and sales, we need convincing architectural visualization. If the eye-catching designs succeed in glueing people to the screen, you win yourself a potential buyer. Earlier, it took a lot of work to showcase the look and feel of the property with 2D or 3D architectural models. Realtors often had difficulty selling a property or simply marketing it to a larger audience. Now, with new advancements in architectural visualization and rendering, the property can be viewed in 360 degrees panoramic view. Architects aim to display a wider view of the property with its surroundings in place. By using the right tools and software, a detailed and descriptive HD view of the property is presented before the clients. Now it is not surprising if your panoramic renders manage to sell your property around the world. 

Undoubtedly, the digital means in property visualization and marketing have made it possible to showcase real estate properties online. Real estate businesses today easily win the loyalties of their customers by transforming 360 photographs into virtual video. So, the interactive virtual tour of the property surely impresses the viewers they may be in any part of the world. 

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Panoramic View of the Property

Firstly, let's discuss the panoramic stitching in detail. 3D Panoramic Rendering is the process of combining multiple-dimensional images of the floor to create an HD 360 panoramic view of the real estate property. Usually, the 180-degree image is developed that is later finessed into a complete panorama image. For instance, the image displays halls, rooms and staircases in single panoramic stitching. Here, the architects use the latest technology and best software to put together an artistic view of the property. The 360-degree view communicates the entire interior and exterior view. So clients are able to envision their future there. But that's not it! 

Panoramic View of the Property The still-rendered panorama views are enhanced by creating an interactive virtual tour of the property. Surely, the real estate industry will grow when it comes to property marketing. That is because the virtual tour allows viewers to move about the space in a walk mode. Clients explore the property interacting with all the interior details. Thus, a panoramic view surrounds viewers from all directions and offers a beyond-reality experience. 

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Benefits of Panoramic Rendering for Real Estate Business 

Effective Design Communication

Real estate developers and marketers understand the importance of communicating architectural views to clients. If your client is residing overseas and cannot possibly visit you, then it is your duty to communicate each detail to make a convincing impression. But how would a vague floor plan or render convey the entire interior and exterior architecture? To the rescue comes panoramic rendering for the real estate business. If you are a realtor wanting to make quick property sales, then begin visualizing the property in 360 views. It not only helps viewers explore the place on their own but also helps them interact with the property. For instance, in a walk mode, clients move from the living room to upstairs, visit the kitchen and click their way back to the garage. 

Overall, panoramic rendering communicates the architecture of the property by

  1. Displays a 3-dimensional view all at once
  2. Presents an ariel view of the property's exterior and interior 
  3. Showcases curves, depth, dimensions, space, angels and more
  4. Allows 360 images rotating and shifting
  5. Virtual tour displays the artistic elements of design 
  6. Helps sift through the entire interior and exterior property view 
  7. Interactive elements allow modifying colours and render
  8. Easy element removal and inclusion

Engaging Virtual Experience

Do you wish to make quick sales? We have observed that interested clients wholeheartedly show interest in the property they wish to purchase. It only requires 20 seconds to convince their buying behaviour. So how would it grab their attention and make them interact with the architectural display of the property? Looking into the future, the advanced 3D rendering tools and software help craft a realistic virtual tour of the entire property. What the flat images could not do, panoramic views of the property trigger interest of buyers in a blink. It is basically the virtual experience that leaves them wanting more. 

Altogether, a virtual tour highlights:
  1. Display of rooms, halls, floors and other spaces 
  2. Easy navigation from one space to another
  3. Embedded informative texts thoroughly guide users
  4. Interactive decorative materials, shapes, colours and more
When it comes to showcasing residential and commercial properties, realtors now trust virtual tours more than ever. This is because they have realized the importance and impression of an engaging virtual experience. Interestingly, a panoramic view facilitates live interaction and engagement for clients that may be residing overseas. This altogether makes it more appealing to the users and convinces their purchase decisions. For instance, we all have come across a panoramic video of the property over at a website or social media platform. Like, it may appear as an ad on TV or on a social media channel. These descriptive stills or videos engage you abruptly and illicit quick actions. 

Let's dig deeper into how panoramic rendering helps real estate business owners in property marketing. 

Quick Digital Marketing 

The internet has turned the real estate business into a digital market. People no more visit the realtors' offices when they plan on making a property purchase. Instead, just like any other purchase, your buyers would search for a property on sale over the internet. For that matter, we now see realtors put their architectural projects over on social media platforms, websites, email marketing and more. They simply run project ads on Google and attract the target market in a blink. These may range from pay-per-click to pop-up ads. 

You see, panoramic displays are easy to share online, which makes it ten times easier to reach a large audience across the globe. Whoever has a laptop or mobile device in hand has access to your digital marketing promotional ads. So instead of zooming into the still images, panoramic images or virtual videos showcase the entire scene from the architectural project. Basically, the panoramas bring the target audience to your real estate business; before you know it, the clientele multiplies. Thus, panoramic views prove useful for your real estate property marketing. 

Increased Customer Conversion

Without a doubt, the luxurious display of your residential and commercial property is what hooks the clients. After reviewing the property online, clients quickly make calls to schedule meetings. However, it is important to note here that your marketing efforts only managed to bring the clients to your door. Further, it is on your shoulders to communicate details, immerse them in virtual tours, and convince their buying behaviour by pitching them sale quotes. Also, these panoramic renders prove useful when it comes to enticing overseas clients. So soon as a lead knocks at your door, it is time to convert these interested buyers into permanent customers. 

Real estate business agents realize the importance of 3D architectural visualization and therefore create a real-life experience for their clients. Even if the property is yet to be constructed, the panoramic view is enough to convince clients to make investments. That is why most realtors today focus on visualizing their real estate projects so as to retain customers. 

Quick Sales Referrals 

Panoramic rendering services work magic for real estate businesses. Its easy-sharing element allows anyone from anywhere in the world to access the property panoramas. Architects easily share panoramas with whoever is looking to buy a house or invest in a commercial property. Even your partner companies use panoramic images to make sales referrals for your company. Although the referrals might be on a commission basis but would surely help you win sales leads. 


A panoramic view is a modern approach to mainstream architectural visualization. The 360-degree views are self-explanatory, with a quick glimpse of the entire space. Mainly, it works well both for pre-construction and post-construction marketing. On top, the virtual tour videos are highly interactive for the viewers to mark their presence on the property before the building stage. So begin rendering your real estate business projects into a panoramic view and virtual tour videos to attract a global clientele.  

If you are interested in panoramic photography or virtual tours, you've come to the right place. ArchXStudio takes pride in visualizing interior and exterior architecture in 3D panoramas. So we welcome real estate business professionals to globalize their business reach and maximize the chances to sell properties quickly.

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Author | Mubashrah Rahim

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